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Maayan Natural Beauty

Maayan Natural Beauty

The world's most advanced anti-aging treatment.

You're one month away from younger skin!

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A revolutionary one-month four-step routine to rejuvenate your skin and keep it young.

Discover Maayan Natural Beauty: Your Path to Youthful, Revitalized Skin in Just One Month. Crafted from a pioneering scientific discovery at the Hebrew University, this four-step regimen harnesses the power of a specific combination of growth factors—essential communicators between cells—to foster vibrant skin health.

Containing 100% natural ingredients derived from nature, free of synthetic chemicals.

A pivotal clinical trial conducted in 2022 in Europe with 30 participants has demonstrated the remarkable benefits of using Maayan Natural Beauty over 30 days: 

  • Significant reduction in the number of wrinkles 
  • Noticeable decrease in wrinkle length and depth
  • Enhanced skin density for a firmer, more youthful complexion

An overwhelming 95% of participants confirmed they would continue using Maayan Natural Beauty, with 85% affirming it surpassed all other skincare products they have used before.


  1. On a clean, dry face - Spray TONING SOLUTION across the face, neck, and decollete (avoiding the eye area). Use 3-5 sprays (1 ml) to cover the entire face area. Leave on the face for one minute and rinse with water. Pat dry.
  2. Spray REPLENISHING SOLUTION across the face, neck, and decollete (avoiding eye area). Use 3-5 prays (1 ml) to cover the entire face area. Rub gently to enhance penetration.
  3. Take one vial of GROWTH FACTOR MIX. Open the vial carefully (including pink-red powder) and add 1 ml of RECONSTITUTING SOLUTION (up to the 1ml mark). Close the vial and mix until a clear solution is obtained.
  4. Open the small vial gently and spread the resulting GROWTH FACTOR MIX SOLUTION across your face and neck while rubbing softly. Leave it overnight. After use - Discard the used vial.

Dive deeper into the compelling science behind our product and explore detailed outcomes by visiting our website.

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