A Controlled Human Clinical Trial* showed that Body Language Kit is safe and effective

  1. Body Language Kit  systematically applied daily for a period of 30 days did not cause any allergic reaction.
  2. 85%  of volunteers. stated they felt their skin had "Regenerated" after one month treatment with the Body Language Kit
  3. Body Language Kit improved skin hydration in 95% of volunteers.
  4. A reduction of the lenght of face wrinkles  of  between  3 and up to  38% was obtained   after using Body Language kit for only thirty days. 
  5. A reduction of the depth of face wrinkles  of  between  4 and up to  40% was obtained   after using Body Language kit for only thirty days.  
  6. The density  of the skin of the face increased by an average of 23 %  after using Body Language kit for  thirty days  

* A Controlled Human Clinical Trial showed that Body Language Kit is safe and effective. Maayan Therapeutics has completed a SAFETY and EFFICACY Clinical Trial with its BL rejuvenation kit in Europe as part of the EU requirements for obtaining EU validation. The selection of volunteers and the study
was conducted in accordance with ITA Test Procedure PB01/DA. Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (WE) N0. 1223/2009 on cosmetic products.

Thirty females aged between 45 to 65 years old were chosen: Face skin was dry in 3 volunteers, mixed with predominantly dry -11 volunteers and oily 6 volunteers. Each volunteer received his own kit and detailed instructions for at home daily use for  30 days. Area to be treated was the skin of the face, neck and neck line. Full treatment  and required tests were completed by all applicants.

Biology Instead of Chemicals

  • ​Biology is the chemistry of  living  organisms,
  • Body Language kit is made only of  biological products produced by living cells.
  • No chemicals are added, not even preservatives. Maayan Therapeutics uses filters and UV light, as produced by the sun for sterility.

Growth Factor solution being sterilized at Maayan Therapeutics by UV,  followed by Freeze drying.  Maayan does NOT use  preservatives.